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About Us

Eight Dimension

We are a Qatari consulting firm that is eager to make a difference in everything achieved. We are keen to provide high-quality advisory Management services and effective Technical solutions to our customers; and have long-standing knowledge and experience and a unique approach to develop an understanding of goals and challenges to help empower companies and governments in Qatar and around the world.

In line with Qatar Vision 2030, the company aims to expand its horizons to accelerate applications and projects that play a vital role in building strong and educated communities that can make results-based decisions and achieve tangible results with economic and moral returns, to ensure sustainability for current and future generations.

Since its inception in 2021, the company has excelled in its performances as many of its customers have already received satisfactory results, and it strives to continue to provide high-quality advisory services and effective solutions.


Our Vision

We are seeking to revolutionise the way business is conducted by creating a new paradigm for business consultancy and coaching that would help us become a leading Qatar-based, globally recognized consultancy company.

Our Mission

Help businesses and organisations make the transition from a work culture that values productivity to a culture that values creativity, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Our Values



Why Choose Eight Dimension?

We offer a range of advisory services that are customised to your business and its objectives. With our experience, we can help you plan and implement strategies for growth and transformation.

•We specialise in a variety of consultancy services, and we offer brains for companies who want to take advantage of our expertise. Our engineers and top-notch professionals constantly think outside the box, with our new eight-dimensional strategies at the core.

We partner with trusted NGOs, government agencies, and leading foundations to enable them towards further success and growth.

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